ImportNet Client Profiles


The aim of the client profiles function is to allow you to store your Consignor, Consignee and Notify party such that next time you need to use their details it is as simple as using a drop down. Initially the profile will be empty however over time the profiles will increase.

There are two ways to add contact details to the client profile table;

Adding Clients As You Go

  1. Log into ImportNet.

    • ImportNet Home Page.jpg

  1. Create a new manifest as normal
    • Manifest.jpg

  1. Notice the Show and Update buttons. The Show button will expand the screen to allow additional information to be added to the client’s profile. Clicking on Hide will reverse this.

    • Show Button.jpg

  1. If the client is already configured start typing in the Consignor/Consignee/Notify party section and the drop down will appear and be filter based on the letters typed. In the below example “h” was typed and Holmes appeared as an option.
    • Existing Customer Dropdown.jpg

  1. If the client does not exist, type in the details as normal. If you intend to use the client details again, clicking on the Update button and this will save the profile to the Client Profile table for use in the drop down next time.

    • New Consignee.jpg

  1. By default the notify party will be the same as the Consignee, however you can over type the details. Handy Hint: If you want to update a profile, change the details in the manifest page and clicking Update will override the old information.

  2. The Client Profile will now show the new clients.

    Client Profile Update.jpg

Using Client Profile Tables

  1. Click on Client Profiles within the green bar. The Client Profiles screen will show the existing clients if they have been entered, using the Lookup button.

    • Lookup 1.jpg

  1. To add a new client profile click on New and enter the details, once entered click on the Save button.

    • Adding New Clients.jpg

  1. Once saved you will see the new client.
    • Lookup 2.jpg

Please call 1300 552 393 or email if you have any problems with the changes to Import.

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