ExportNet Email Status Alerts


ExportNet now allows users to request email alerts when the status of a document changes. These emailed can be sent to one or more email addresses for each of the products. By default the service is not enabled, to enable to alerts please follow the instructions below and call our Support desk if you have any questions.

Enabling Email Alerts

  1. Log into Exportnet and Click on the Registration button on the Orange menu bar.

    • ExportNetAlert1.jpg

  1. Once in the Registrations screen scroll down to the section called Alerting, in the below example all services are disabled.

    • ExportNetAlert2.jpg

  1. Click on Edit

  2. For each service within ExportNet you need to define the following;

    1. The email address to be used - handy hint, to define more than one email address seperate them with a comma

    2. There three options for each message type
      • Disabled
      • Alert on errors only - only error messages will be emailed, nothing else is sent to you.

      • Alert on all events - each time your status changes an email will be sent.


  1. The emails messages will look something like the following with the subject line including the message type, status and your reference.
    • ExportNetAlert4.jpg

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