Container Park Information System - FAQ

How do I register?

Please contact Commerce Plus on either 1300 552 393 or

How does it work?

CPIS uses information supplied from Container Parks, Shipping Lines and Transport Companies to generate information about;

How does it help me?

As a Transport Company you can confirm before your truck leaves your depot;

As a Container Park you obtain the following benefits;

As a Shipping Line you obtain the following benefits;

How much does it cost to be involved in the pilot?

There are no charges to be involved in te pilot.

How does the time nomination work?

To get a true picture of the traffic at each Park the Transport Companies need to nominate when they are expected (plan) to return the container(s). This is NOT a booking and their is no penality associated however it is used to calculate the traffic in the park across the day so accuracy of the information is important.

Do I need to install software

No, the complete service is web based and can be used with any web browser.

What information is public?

The only informaiton that is public to users of the system is the highlevel capacity of each park.

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