Smart Imports

Commerce Plus Smart Imports is an industry iniative designed to improve the efficiency of the import delivery order process. Smart Imports incorporates the following featues:

  • Send and receive Pre-Alerts and Arrival Notices
  • Forwarder to forwarder electronic DOs (LCL)
  • Receiving parties can request DOs, Pre-Alerts, Arrival Notices and cargo status via a web site
  • An eIDO sub-set can be sent to CTOs via 1-Stop
  • Generate PIN numbers and send to CTO and releasing party
  • Any-to-any messaging for releasing parties
  • Air Freight capable with consolidator to forwarder releases
  • Use EDI and web forms concurrently
  • Container tracking including commercial release, vessel voyage etc via website and automated alerts


  • Savings in courier and document handling costs - potentially reduce up to 50% of courier charges
  • Convenience - offering Import Delivery Order receipt and payment in the one process within minutes
  • Time Saving - allows you the earliest possible access to imported goods.
  • Provides enhanced customer service
  • Smartimports enables you to receive your Delivery Orders in any format. It's your choice.
  • Covers all Delivery Orders, maritime, airfrieght and forwarder Delivery Orders.
  • FREE Help Desk support
  • No software to buy or maintain
  • Pay as you go, low cost charging.
  • No need to write cheques, make secure e-payments irrespective of the bank you deal with.
  • Forwarder to forwarder release of cargo eliminates the re-keying of Delivery Order information, you can easily capture, re-use and transfer.

Access to Smart Imports starts at just $29.95 per month. Customers pay just $5.50 per bundle of up to 999 documents.