Importnet is an award-winning Commerce Plus service enabling users to lodge import cargo documentation directly with Customs. Importnet supports the following documents:

  • Air & Sea Cargo manifests
  • Air & Sea Underbond movement requests
  • Sea Cargo Lists

Powerful and cost-effective

Like Exportnet, documents entered into Importnet are lodged with Customs using Commerce Plus' bureau certificate, doing away with the need for expensive PKI certificates. Importnet also allows you to clone previous documents, saving you time and reducing the likelihood of errors caused by reptitive data entry.

Importnet features optimisations designed to simplify cargo reporting for shipping lines. With bulk upload capabilities and powerful error reporting, Importnet can stream line your business' cargo reporting processes.

Access to Importnet starts at just $29.95 per month, and documents produced with the system are charged at $5.50 per message. Discounts are available for large volumes.