Commerce Plus Haz

Haz is a national electronic dangerous goods reporting system. Developed in conjunction with Shipping Australia, Haz was designed to meet the following criteria:

  • A national system
  • Simple, easy to use webform for MDGFs (Multi-modal Dangerous Goods Forms)
  • MDGFs being validated against the IMO standards
  • Improve time for Shipping Line approvals of draft MDGF
  • AMSA and Port Authority access

Based on the above, Haz was developed with the following functionality:


  • Translation of EDI and Proprietary Flat Files from Shipping Lines to Port Authority EDI Standards
  • Web interface to complete missing or incorrect data prior to sending
  • Data validation against IMO standards and local port requirements prior to sending to Port Authority
  • Validation of Bayplan to ensure all Hazardous materials are reported
  • Reuse existing data for transit cargo


As an Exporter or Consolidator you are able to:

  • Generate or copy online MDGF drafts and send to the Shipping Line electronically for approval.
  • Validate MDGF information against appropriate standards to ensure it is correct prior to sending to the Shipping Line.
  • Notification of approved MDGFs online
  • Print MDGF completed forms
  • Send MDGF to transport and other interested parties

As a Shipping Line you are able to:

  • Approve or reject MDGF requests online
  • Import MDGFs into your backend application
  • Merge Export, Transit and Import cargo to generate on bound Port Authority reporting
  • Send Export and Transit Cargo as EDI to Port Authorities.

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