Our Network

Developed in house based on 40 years experience in the business messaging space, our transaction network forms the core foundation upon which all of our services are built.

Highly Available

Our redundant system and network architecture, geographically separated data centres and best-practice change control techniques ensures that our network is always available for your business needs. We proactively monitor our system availability and performance, and our staff are on-call 24x7 to respond to any possible issues.

Getting Connected

Our messaging platform has been designed to be easy for our customers to connect to. Supporting a wide variety of submission and delivery protocols, Commerce Plus can integrate with your IT systems without the need for costly, additional software. Support includes:

  • Email (SMTP and POP3)
  • FTP and FTPS
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • MQ Series and JMS
  • SOAP
  • AS2 and EbMS

Additionally, the flexible nature of our platform means that we can add support for new methods quickly and easily.

Data Security and Integrity

We understand the importance of your data and go to great lengths to protect the integrity of your business documents. Detailed information about message state is logged at every point through our network, ensuring that a concise audit trail is always available.